New Lalique Crystal Collection “Into the Blue”

New Lalique Crystal Collection “Into the Blue”

New Lalique crystal collection “Into the Blue” is a pure inspirational series produced by one of the most renowned French crystal brands worldwide.

Each piece of this collection is an iconic creation of the brand that was released in cerulean blue colour to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its talented supreme artisanship.

The shade chosen for this new Lalique crystal collection “Into the Blue” is one of the most peaceful and romantic colours ever.
For most people it is associated with purity, selflessness and total devotion. The cerulean blue is bright but slightly tender at the same time.
It helps to admire every single detail of these exceptional crystal artworks.

Lalique Maison was founded 1888 by René Lalique.

The production started in 1921 in Winger-sur-Moder, a small village in one of the regions of France with the name Alsace that is famous for the glassmaking tradition.

The talented jeweller loved to make various experiments with glass and especially with crystal and that helped him to make his brand instantly became a synonym of French luxury.

Thanks to the usage of centuries old traditions and methods of producing and elaborating crystal, he managed to create beautiful masterpieces through the combination of classic and modern design.

All the products are handcrafted in France in mouth blown crystal glass by the talented artisans that through all these years maintained the quality and the inimitable style of the brand.
Up to now, the new Lalique crystal collection “Into the Blue” includes not only vases or bowls but as well a decorative element like a fish sculpture.
new lalique into the blue vase languedoc

Influenced by the main themes of flora, fauna and women of course that inspired René Lalique through all these years, the skilled Lalique designers create astonishing masterpieces and release really beautiful and one of a kind new Lalique collections.

The crystal creation by Lalique is the reflection of the beauty of the female body, the natural grace of animals and the lightness of floral silhouettes.

The design of every item is achieved through the combination of traditional approach like drawing and modelling and the latest digital technologies like 3D printing.

The satin-finished crystal became a visit card of the brand as a result of meticulous attention to detailed finishing.

Due to the new interpretation of the classic creations of René Lalique, every single item from the new Lalique crystal collection “Into the Blue” is a real star of every ambiance.

Each of these creations may the beginning of your own collection of crystal rarities .

Up to now, the Lalique factory remains the one and only at the whole world.

Most of the items are produced with the usage of the same “lost wax” technology as it was during the times of René Lalique.

Thanks to the precision and professionalism of artisans and designers, they create the products of really exceptional quality.

new lalique into the blue bowl

One of the most important creations from the new Lalique crystal collection “Into the Blue” couldn’t be but the vase Bacchantes.

The crystal masterpiece created by René Lalique is a symbol of the brand since 1927.

The vase maintains its popularity through all these ages and each year the brand includes the new version of the vase into the upcoming collection.

The iconic creation of the Lalique Maison conveys the the sensuality and beauty of the female body.

The basic theme of this crystal creation is the dance of the priestesses of the god of winemaking called Bacchus.

lalique into the blue vases bacchantes
The dance of these beautiful creatures around the vase is so realistic that it seems to come to life.
Light passes through the bodies of women reflecting the beauty of the satin crystal.

René Lalique always tried to follow its love to the classicism and the Art Nouveau style.

He constantly experimented with technologies improving the casting methods and inventing new ways of glass patination.

When creating the Bacchantes vase he had in mind the famous vases of ancient Rome with relief images.

René borrowed the idea of the vase with reliefs but he decided to change his source of inspiration including his own vision of mythological scenes.

Being one of the most famous and important art creations of the master, the “Bacchantes” vase was released in many crystal typologies from  transparent, amber or smoky shade to satin and metallic finish.

The Bacchantes vase from the new Lalique crystal collection “Into the Blue” collection was released in two versions.
The large vase in marvellous cerulean blue colour has the height of 24 cm, while the small one is of almost 15 cm.
lalique into the blue vase bacchantes large

The Languedoc vase from the new Lalique crystal collection “Into the Blue” is a recreation of the famous vase created by René Lalique in 1929.

The vase takes its name from the magic French land Languedoc situated in the southern part of France.

The luxuriant vegetation of Mediterranean plants in that region inspired the master so much that he created an artwork that demonstrates their natural beauty.

The cactus leaves made satin polished crystal are repeated and superimposed on each other, forming a kind of graphic pattern on the whole surface of the vase.

lalique into the blue vases languedoc

All the vases designed by René Lalique are the first thing to look at if you want to understand and feel the philosophy of the whole brand Lalique.

This year the talented artisans of the brand recreated the Languedoc vase in new cerulean blue colour.

The vase is available in two sizes as well. The very large vase has the height of 33 cm and the diameter of 45 cm.

Despite the design invented at the beginning of the last century, this crystal artwork still looks relevant and perfectly complements every modern interior.

The smaller version has the diameter of almost 31 cm and the height of almost 22 cm.

The intensity of the bright cerulean blue crystal highlights the graphic components of the design of the vase.

This crystal masterpiece embodies the wealth of the Lalique heritage and its modernity.

All the creations of Lalique brand even despite the centuries-old history and the upcoming trends of modern design are truly works of art.

They survived up to these days and continue to preserve their originality and the creativity of style.

The  “Champs Elysees” bowls from the new Lalique crystal collection “Into the Blue” are truly delightful creations released in this outstanding cerulean blue colour.

These amazing masterpieces originally designed by Marc Lalique in 1951 devote their name to one of the most beautiful avenues in the world.

The alleys full of plane trees that were planted during the reign of Napoleon III in the XIX century represent the essence of Paris.

lalique into the blue champs elysee bowls

The Champs-Élysées bowls in cerulean blue will be appreciated by every connoisseur of the pure beauty and of course of the brand Lalique.

The satin crystal enhance even more the particularity of every detail of its design.

The Champs-Élysées bowls from the new Lalique collection are available again in two sizes. The large version is 46 cm in length, 19 cm in height and 19 cm in width.

The small bowl has the length of 25 cm and the height of almost 11 cm. The width is of 14 cm.

Each of these bowls will become an amazing colour centrepiece in every home.

The new Lalique crystal collection “Into the Blue” includes not only vases and bowls, but as well an amazing fish figurine in the magical bright cerulean colour.

According to Feng Shui a well known Chinese geomancy, a fish figurine means wealth and fulfilment of all desires.

Originally, the fish sculpture was designed by the talented René Lalique in 1913.

Initially, it was released in blue shade but the popularity of this item was so high that further it was produced in a great myriad of colours.

lalique fish figurine blue
It can be not just a simple additional decorations but it may become a talisman that activates energy, helps to bring good luck, and happiness into the house.

The fish figurine from the new Lalique crystal collection “Into the Blue” is a tiny creature handcrafted in France.

It is moulded through the glare of crystal, playing on reflections of lights and shadows and its transparency.

The weight of the fish is of 50 gr and its height is of 4,5 cm.

Being one of the artworks of the master René Lalique, this beautiful creation became one of the icons of the brand.

Its aesthetic beauty and high quality is able to amaze absolutely any crystal enthusiast.

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