Lladró We Follow In Your Steps Porcelain Figurine



LLADRO WE FOLLOW IN YOUR STEPS (white) elephant sculpture with gift box.
Sculptor: Ernest Massuet, Release year 2017
Size: 18 x 49 cm


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The charming  lifelike porcelain mother elephant playfully holding by the trunk her baby calf is the emblem of wonderful maternal guidance. This We Follow in Your Steps piece from Lladro is truly stunning in reproducing the essence of family love even between animals. This white matte porcelain piece shows a young elephant eagerly and playfully leading the charge, followed by two adult elephants in a tender pose while admiring the fruit of their love stampeding ahead. The artist has magically captured the movement of the large ears and reproduced in detail the creases of the skin. This would make a perfect gift for any animal lover.