Lladrò Crocodile Figurine Large

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LLADRO very large Crocodile figurine white-copper – NEW collection 2021
Size: 39 x 68 x 28 cm ( 15 1/4″ x 26 3/4″ x 11” )

Exclusive breakage insurance included.

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Shipping time: approx. 1-2 weeks

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Your porcelain figurine will be wrapped especially without any additional cost and you can also include a personalized gift note.

The crocodile, from the Greek kroko–deilos meaning stone man, has been worshipped since ancient times by different civilizations and cultures.
Inhabitants of our planet for over 50 million years, these prehistoric predators represent a profound long-lasting connection with Mother Nature.
Their ability to live on land and in water, their sharp vision and hearing, and their energy, means that they are symbols of protection and also of equilibrium and analysis.
This magnificent example in white glazed porcelain is decorated with copper luster and measures over fifty centimeters long. A truly Impressive work sure to capture all eyes.

Insurance included: Yes
Finished: Gloss
Height (cm) 39
Width (cm) 28
Length (cm) 68
Porcelain Type: Gloss


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