Lladró Chandelier Oval 150 cm Seasons Sunrise


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Chandelier that belongs to the Seasons collection, inspired by the Art Deco style and nature.

Height (cm): 153

Width (cm): 140

Length (cm): 55

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The Seasons collection combines the unmistakable touch of Art Déco with the richness of colors and shapes of the different seasons of the year. A masterful color treatment conveys the particular beauty of each of nature’s phases with subtle variations depending on the time of day or night. Colors that are applied by hand and with a gradient effect on fragments that seem to represent lush vegetation. A game of sensations that multiplies thanks to the glow of the glass elements that alternate with those in porcelain. Seasons is a versatile and evocative collection that brings nature into any setting. In the Alba option, white dominates. From the darkness of night we pass into the bright light of day where all forms come to life.