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Lamborghini & Venini Vases

This is the Lamborgini & Venini new collection made in 2020. It is a co-branding collection of two Italian design greats who come from completely different sectors: artistic glassmakers and mechanics. The result, however, is a perfect marriage of style, strength, elegance and luxury with a bold and contemporary mood that perfectly represents both brands. read more...

On one side we have glass from Murano masters, on the other Italian mechanical engineering virtuosity; as a result we have a home décor collection that transforms luxury into lifestyle. What exactly are we talking about? Well, Tonino Lamborghini & Venini, two brands which have made excellence a modus operandi and created a style which is bold, contemporary, elegant and sophisticated—the perfect expression of superior craftmanship and innovative technology.

It is a collection that includes vases, chandeliers and lamps in handmade and handblown Murano glass of various techniques (from balotton for pendant lights, to intrusion for vases). Each piece references Tonino Lamborghini’s style and contains metallic details inspired by its mechanical engineering (with various designs based on the engine, pistons and headlights), while the glass is worked according to the ancient techniques of master glassmakers.

ll the distinctive traits of the two brands are there and perfectly amalgamated: each piece is the expression of uniqueness coming from tradition and modernity. The result is a harmonious collection that exhibits bold, aerodynamic and exquisitely refined style; it is the perfect interpretation of contemporary luxury.

Choosing Venini is an unforgettable experience.
Venini glass inspires emotions, revives memories and puts you in touch with your innermost desires. It brings your dreams to life and creates lasting moments of passion and magic.

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