Tonino Lamborghini Vases by Venini

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Imagine the method of an ancient tradition in the processing of Murano glass that over time becomes a real form of contemporary art. It’s Venini.
Then think of the highest Italian engineering that conquers the world thanks to a luxurious and exclusive style. It’s Lamborghini.
Two examples of Italian reality in the world, which have made the history of Made in Italy and the style of this Country.

When they met, these two great productions gave birth to one of the most prominent expressions fusions of Design.

A co-branding that sees Venini and Lamborghini authors of one of the most unparalleled collections of vases that dictates new laws in the world of furniture, giving a new luxury diktat.

The new series includes vases, chandeliers and lamps with precise aerodynamic  lines, metal details and typical mechanical features of the world of Tonino Lamborghini, combined with the skills of the craftsmen of the glassworks in Murano, embodying the philosophy of Venini.

  • Tonino Lamborghini

    Lamborghini Ceiling Lamp Balloton by Venini 887.75 NEW


    Tonino Lamborghini ‘Balloton’ Ceiling Lamp by Venini. Colour grape.
    1 pc – Ø 30 cm; H max 200 cm (11,81” – 78,74”)
    12W LED E27

    Handmade in Italy of mouth-blown Murano glass. Collection 2020.

  • Tonino Lamborghini

    Lamborghini Vase Faro White by Venini 782.15 NEW


    Tonino Lamborghini ‘Faro’ Venini Grey/Milk-White Vase. Gift box included.
    1 pc – Ø 21 cm; H 22 cm

    Handmade in Italy of mouth-blown Murano glass. Collection 2020.
    The Faro vase in blown glass is sphere-shaped with a spot pattern alternating transparent mole-coloured portions with opaque milk white, in a seductive lacquer effect.

  • Tonino Lamborghini

    Lamborghini Vase Octagono Green by Venini 782.10 NEW


    Tonino Lamborghini “Octagono” Venini green/aquamarine/crystal Vase. Gift box included.
    1 pc – 19 x 9 cm, h 25 cm

    Handmade in Italy of mouth-blown Murano glass. Collection 2020.
    Pairing the hues long associated heritage brand Venini with a contemporary reinterpretation of Lamborghini’s automotive language and history, the ‘Octagono’ vase presents a spectacular collision of green and aquamarine blue tones with aerodynamic lines, metallic details and the signature glassworking techniques of Murano.

  • Tonino Lamborghini

    Lamborghini Vase Pantagono Red by Venini 782.11 NEW


    Tonino Lamborghini ‘Pentagono’ Venini taupe/red/clear crystal Vase. Gift box included.
    1 pc – Ø 11 cm, h 37 cm

    Handmade in Italy of mouth-blown Murano glass. Collection 2020.
    This splendid vase displays a refined and sleek silhouette enhanced by the shaded color palette that marks its interior. A unique design by Tonino Lamborghini, it is handcrafted of crystal and showcases a pentagon shape that brings out the elegant juxtaposition of vivid red and transparency.

Lamborghini vases, chandeliers, and lamps speak of the excellence of Italian design, between time-honoured glassworking techniques, sculptural gestures, and references to the ingenuity of the Toro brand of mechanical engineering.

Tonino Lamborghini Vases by Venini

Lamborghini Vase Dedalo

The names of the vases are inspired by the automotive and mechanical heritage of the Bull brand and recall the shapes and stylistic patterns that have always distinguished the brand Lamborghini.

VENINI joins forces with Tonino Lamborghini to offer a new cobranded collection that emerges from the Murano furnace to launch the excellence of contemporary Italian craftsmanship into the world.

Lamborghini Vase Pistone

Tonino Lamborghini vases and lamps reinterpret the automotive language and Lamborghini heritage through glassworking techniques handed down from generation to generation, and the know-how to create the colours that have made the VENINI glassworks unique.

Sharing the same values of design quality, beauty, and luxury, VENINI and Tonino Lamborghini illustrate an unprecedented experience of the Italian lifestyle.

Lamborghini Vase Regale

The clean and aerodynamic lines, the metallic details, the mechanical elements typical of Tonino Lamborghini’s world have been revisited by the craftsmen of the Murano furnace: the forms are modelled by a series of barely suggested movements, to become definitive in the instant the material crystallises forever.

tonino lamborghini vases

The furnishings take their cue from the mechanical engineering of the Bologna-based brand’s heritage, to bring elegance and refinement to any space.
Learn more about Tonino Lamborghini vases: The Pistone Lamborghini vases have a cylindrical base and are available in warm transparent tones of red combined with taupe. The collection includes Octagono, with decoration in blue or green, and Pentagono, the faceted model that reflects color in fascinating bursts of light. The Faro Lamborghini vases in blown glass with spot patterns have spherical forms. Learn more on Lamborghini artglass website.

The Venini & Tonino Lamborghini is the result of a new formula, where the elegant and sophisticated contemporary style of the Venetian Venetian tradition meets and joins the highest form of craftsmanship linked to Turin’s engineering innovation, where not only style reigns Italian, but the sharing of values.

The creations of the Venini-Lamborghini co-branding coexist harmoniously in an exclusive collection composed of Murano glass vases, rigorously hand-blown and handcrafted with the various techniques of which Venini is the guardian and creator.


The uniqueness of VENINI’s production is given by handcraft procedures followed during all working processes.
Some shades or bubbles, that might be found on the glass, underline that every single piece is entirely handmade and even if similar to the others, each single piece is unique.