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Hermès Tie Set

TIE SET has been discontinued. You can order only in stock products!

The Hermès Tie Set porcelain tableware collection is incredibly delicate but strong-minded at the same time. read more...

Multi-coloured geometric figures, uncommon and joyful motifs create a perfect combination with your entire tablescape. The name of Tie Set collection sounds like “a set of ties”, which fully reflects the essence of this original ornament. The decorative patterns, inspired by early Hermès luxury neckwear collections for men, imitate tie abstraction decors.

The tableware colour scheme is made of twenty different shades all presented in the adornment of exquisite wardrobe items. It ranges from soft blue, red, light green to yellow and burgundy colours. Despite its vintage atmosphere, this particular full of elegance dinner service will be perfectly merged into your modern interior.
Hermès Tie Set is crafted of a snow-white finest Limoges porcelain splashed with kaleidoscopic mixed micro-patterns. All the dishes are so contrasting between them, though are able to give a harmonious, distinctive and stylish elegance to your home ambiance. Tie set collection contains extraordinary dinner plates, dessert plates, large or small salad bowls, vases of different sizes, an unusual shape teapot, mugs and tumblers.

Glorious Hermès Tie Set can brighten your dining room or become a perfect gift. View the entire Hermès Tie Set tableware collection on our online shop and select any item that suites you most!

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