Hermes Tea Cup Gift Set

hermes tea cup carnets dequateur

Hermès Tea Cup Gift Set

Have you ever had a tea drinking from a Hermès teacup? It may sound strange, but it really feels like a wonderful experience, as if the Hermès teacup worked the magic of enhancing taste and aroma of the tea you are enjoying.
Furthermore, each Hermès teacup is a work of art, created with the finest materials by the best craftsmen with a lot of attention to details.
Each Hermès teacup or teapot is a masterpiece of style and elegance and is the natural choice for people who like luxury. Let’s have a closer look at Hermès teacup gift sets and let’s find out which one is right for you!

Hermes Tea Cup Carnets d’Equateur

This fantastic Hermès teacups feature Robert Dallet’s favourite subject, a variety of majestic fierce yet fragile animals in the wild, sometimes playful and affectionate, other times stalking their pray through the jungle. A collection with an exceptional exotic flair.

Hermes Tea Cup Carnets d’Equateur Gold

In this Hermès teacup too, Robert Dallet’s decor conveys a profound empathy for the harmonious and fabulous animal kingdom and manages to capture and preserve its soul. The usual exotic motif features a special embellishment: the inside of the teacup is gold-plated as is the saucer. The Hermès Carnet d’Équateur Gold Teacup is the perfect accessory for any refined table.

Hermes Tea Cup Passifolia

The latest Hermès teacups, thanks to their lush design featuring foliage and flowers, offer you a full immersion in a universe both dreamlike and incredibly real. Passifolia teacups and saucers will form on your table an intricate landscape bringing you closer to nature.
When you sip at a Passifolia teacup, the leaf motifs will give you a sense of relaxation and perhaps your tea will taste more refreshing and invigorating than usual.

Hermes Tea Cup Balcons du Guadalquivir

The geometry of the ironwork motif gives this Hermès teacup gift set visual strength, while the graceful spiral convey a timeless allure. Bold contrasts give a modern twist to the classic design and offer you a stylish combination of elegance and energy.

Hermes Tea Cup H Decò

The H Déco Black teacup set is inspired by the Art Déco wrought ironwork of the Parisian Hermès stores. The black and white motifs are arranged to create an intriguing positive or negative effect. Hermès H Déco teacups, thanks to their modern pattern and their linear and simple shape, are perfect for urban living and people who enjoy sleek and modern design.

Also available in Red and White

Hermes Tea Cup H Decò Red

The design of H Déco Red Teacups creates the intricate red and white patterns spiralling around the initials HH stamped into each piece of the set. The red and white motifs are arranged to create an intriguing positive or negative effect. As its black and white variant, Hermès H Deco teacups, thanks to their modern pattern and their linear and simple shape, are perfect for urban living and people who enjoy sleek and modern design.

  • Hermès

    Hermes H Déco Red Mini Cup n°1


    Hermes H Deco white/rouge cup, mini model n°1 Limoges porcelain 41103P
    1 pc – C 6,2 cl ( 2 fl. oz.)

    We are official distributor of Luxury Hermes Porcelain.
    This collection clearly expresses that the key to success is strategically based on the cult of quality and beauty without bending to fashion trends of the moment and the choice of the warm colour red is rich in meaning. Red is the colour of Cupid and the Devil, the colour of Love and Hate a true enhancer of your guests senses.
    If you have any questions we would be happy to be at your service.

  • Hermès

    Hermes H Déco Red Tart Platter


    Hermes H Déco Red Tart Platter, Limoges porcelain.
    Size: Ø 32 cm (12.6″ D)

  • Hermès

    Hermes H Déco Red Teapot 2 persons


    Hermes H Déco Red Teapot 2 persons, Limoges porcelain.
    Capacity: 55 cl

  • Hermès

    Hermes H Déco Red Teapot 6 persons


    Hermes H Déco Red Teapot 6 persons, Limoges porcelain.
    Capacity: 85 cl

Cheval d’Orient Gold Hermes Tea Cup

This Hermès teacup feature Arabian horses and horse harnesses forming intricate decorations in the style of Persian miniatures. The galloping horses on the cups seems ready to come to life any minute. The Cheval d’Orient motifs reminds us of the Silk Road caravans and of the conviviality of the Far East.

These teacups, whose thin porcelain shows a fascinating see-through effect, are evocative of the magnificent luxury of the long lost Persian Empire.

Hermes Tea Cup Family Gift Set

Joyful horses enjoy their freedom, galloping across the steppe and climbing wooded hills.  Resplendent in their brightly coloured saddles, they seem to have just escaped from a Persian legend. The floral and multicolour pattern dotted with gold on the edge and bottom of the cups evoke the Silk Road and the splendour of Eastern hospitality. The Cheval d’Orient tea set contains six Hermès teacups, each one featuring a different horse design, so you can collect them all!

Choose your pattern!

If you prefer to buy Cheval d’Orient teacup individually, here are all six variants.

Hermes Tea Cup Mosaique Gold

The hypnotic and fascinating design of the Hermès Mosaïque au 24 teacup set is the brand trademark design and a tribute to the ochre and gold scheme of the famous floor in the original store at 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, birthplace of Hermès in 1926.
Sipping at these teacups is a unique experience, as soon as you put your lips on the thin porcelain you are transported to a world of beauty lit by the tiny and shiny golden tiles hand painted on the cups.

Hermes Tea Cup Mosaique Platinum

Hermès Mosaïque Platinum teacups feature the same pattern as Mosaïque au 24 Gold, only in matte grey tones, enhanced with platinum shades. The tiny platinum tiles are hand applied by skilled artisans. Definitely a more sober design, fit for elegant, distinguished people. Hold the teacup against the light and watch it became translucent.

Hermes Tea Cup A walk in the Garden

Twigs, leaves and grass shoot up through latticed and chequered patterns to create an imaginary garden on your table. A Walk in the Garden Teacup gift set by Hermès is a dreamlike stroll somewhere between figuration and abstraction, through colourful designs that look like they’ve been drawn directly onto the porcelain.

Hermes Tea Cup Bleus d’Ailleurs

Each piece from the Hermès Bleus d’Ailleurs collection is handcrafted and hand painted in Limoges, France. The blue and white decor on each cup is remarkable and amazingly perfect in every detail. The porcelain used comes from a very special white sand, only found in one region of France and finer than others and, therefore, is lightweight and almost translucent. Hold one of these feather light teacups against the light to enjoy a mesmerizing see-through effect.

Origin of tea ceremony

The tea ceremony is a ritual that originated in China. According to this ritual, tea is not just a simple drink, but something sacred and spiritual. This is why the tea ceremony must follow very precise rules and everything involved in tea making must comply with those rules.

In the Far East, the consumption of tea spread centuries earlier than in Europe. Allegedly, the tea ceremony was born in Buddhist monasteries where Buddhist monks drank tea to stay awake during the long hour of meditation and to reach their inner self. For Buddhist monks, the tea ceremony was a direct link to the spiritual dimension.

Tea Ritual as a Status Symbol

In the second half of the Seventeenth century, tea crossed the ocean to reach England. At the beginning, it was used as a medication, but then became very popular among all social classes as a drink. The only difference was that lower classes drank tea at evening meals, while upper classes enjoyed it served in fancy china cups and together with pastries and sandwiches, mainly around five in the afternoon. Thus the tea ritual became a status symbol.

Over the centuries, tea has lost the status of exclusive drink for upper classes to become a beverage enjoyed all over the world by anybody wishing to relax or share a moment with friends and family. Of course, the nicer the teacup, the nicer the moment…

Being aware of that, Hermès devotes special attention to creating luxury cups and teapots, always stylish and refined, in various designs and colours to satisfy everybody’s tastes.

Have you already decided which Hermès teacup you like the most?

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