Hermes Bleus D’Ailleurs Collection

hermes bleus d ailleurs limoges porcelain cobalt blue

Hermes Bleus D’Ailleurs

There is a lot to say about geometric patterns, the role they play in our daily life and the emotions they trigger in our minds are one of the major aspects of neuroscience for how they help us perceive the world that surrounds us.

Geometric shapes have inspired countless artist and scientist with discoveries about how our brain functions in relation to nature.
For instance, did you know that we perceive beauty in terms of a specific mathematical formula? The golden ratio has been studied since before Euclid because of its precise way to describe patterns found in nature. Many artists, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, depicted beautiful portraits using the proportions described in the golden ratio formula.

Geometric patterns create a sense of peace and relaxation in our mind because they connect us with nature, something that nowadays we find ourselves more and more in need.

Colours also play a major role in how we feel and how we perceive the world. Bold and saturated colours are subconsciously connected to life and wellness, we see a colourful blooming flower and we can tell from the look that it is full of life. Muted colours, on the other hand, give us the opposite feeling because of the association created to a wilting flower deprived of life force.
Colours are also tied to our emotions due to the feeling we sense when we are surrounded by them. A saturated red is connected to the warmth and comfort we obtain from a campfire, blue gives us the sense of peace we feel when we stare at the vastness of an ocean and green is immediately associated with nature. There are even studies that show our tendency to perceive time differently and in relation to the colour we see.

Hermes has captured both aspects of beauty in creating its collection of Bleus D’Ailleurs that transmits the beauty of geometric precision and the aliveness of bold colours, thus bringing a true work of art and beauty directly to our dining tables.

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