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Ginori 1735 Catene Green

The perfect link to transform a meal into an unforgettable tale. Ginori Catene Green collection was born from the creative genius of Gio Ponti and the drawings of furnishing accessories in fine porcelain he did in 1926.

Sophisticated and elegant, the splendid chain decoration is a sublime emblem of modern geometry. Because every meal can turn into a fascinating tale when the elements are linked in a perfect balance.

Ginori Catene Green tableware is the emblem of modern geometry. The “Chains Green” collection is enhanced by the sophisticated purity of the “Empire shape” on plates, tea and coffee collections.

Richard Ginori, an Italian porcelain manufacturer dating back to the 18th century, known for its sublime dinnerware and home decor accessories, has announced a new brand ‘Ginori 1735’. The new name ‘Ginori 1735’ features the foundation year of the company. This new brand supports the transition of the company to a global lifestyle design specializing in artisanal porcelain tableware and homewares. Ginori Catene Green is found in some of the most famous restaurants and homes around the world because of its iconic quality. It is designed to celebrate the deep heritage of the company and signify a renewed focus on the evolving of the new lifestyle so as to remain the quintessential maker of refined elegant porcelain pieces of the next generation of luxury consumers.

If you have any question about Ginori Catene Green tableware collection, please write to or send whatsapp at logo whatsapp+39 391.345.6441.

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