Foscarini MyLight Spokes 3 White Suspension Lamp


Foscarini  Spokes 3 White Suspension Lamp MyLight: the smart system that lets you control and personalize light

Dimension: L 61 x l 42 cm

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MyLight App to regulate your light:

MyLight lets you control and personalise light to suit your needs. Thanks to an app activated and used via bluetooth by smart devices, it will be possible to detect your Foscarini MyLight lamps in the vicinity and to regulate their luminous effects, to make your light, your lamp, your home increasingly unique and personal.
The Foscarini MyLight system is easy and user-friendly. You only need to install the light source and match it through Bluetooth with your smart phone, tablet, or other control devices.

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The stylish Spokes 3 LED MyLight Suspension Lamp was created by Garcia Cumini for notable Italian design company Foscarini.

Dimension: L 61 x l 42 cm

Spokes expresses a feeling of light weight and motion. As if crossing a magical and geometrical mesh, the light filters out from the inside, projecting a kaleidoscope of blocks and voids.
The electric cable that powers the boards is invisible, because it is housed in one of the spokes. The suspension cable is in stainless steel and the electric cable is transparent. The ceiling rose and zinc-coated metal bracket has a shiny white batch dyed ABS covering.
The hanging lamp Spokes was inspired by images of antique oriental lanterns, but its creation comes from the observation of the spokes of a bicycle wheel. The result is a soft and light lamp, made of metal rods that also represents an innovative solution to make the electrical cable not visible. The LED light source is placed at the base of the lamp and allows both to fully illuminate the plan and to get the play of light and shadows projected on the walls.