Foscarini Poly Gregg Table Lamp


Foscarini Gregg Medium Table Lamp Large
Rotational moulded polyethylene
Light Source
LED retrofit, Fluo 1x 25W E27

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The pure yet concurrently personality-packed design of the Gregg table lamps, in a polyethylene version, which is highly versatile thanks to the choice of several different sizes.
Table or oor lamp with diused light. Rotational moulded polyethylene diuser with direct coupling for assembly onto the base, epoxy powder coated zinc alloy support. ON/OFF switch on the transparent cable.
A product of natural inspiration and extensive research, Poly-Gregg shape is reminiscent of a large pebble, its surface polished by the water. Pure volume with a familiar ease of interpretation, yet one that is surprising, because Poly-Gregg asymmetric shape changes depending on the point of view of the person observing it. In the home environment the warm, uniform light produced by the white diuser and its essential style have a strong functional and decorative value. Moreover thanks to the closed shape of the diuser, the bulb is screened in all directions, which protects from dazzle. Made of polyethylene, a lightweight material that is also shock-resistant, Poly-Gregg is available in three dierent sizes: medium, large and extra-large, to blend in seamlessly with any setting and create free compositions.