Foscarini Caboche Suspension Lamp Trasparent

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Foscarini Caboche Medium Suspension Lamp Trasparent
Polymethylmethacrylate, blown glass, chromed metal and aluminium (LED version)
Light Source:
LED retrofit, Halo 1x 160W R7s
LED version: LED 35W

The Caboche lamps transform light into a sparkling composition of transparent spheres: a design gem resulting from an amalgam of technology and creativity.
Suspension lamp with diused light. Acidetched nish blown glass internal diuser, satin nish opaline glass lower screen. In the small version, single acid-etched nish blow glass internal diuser. External diuser consisting of a crown of polycarbonate arches secured to a chromed metal mount and PMMA spheres. Fitted with three stainless steel suspension cables for the medium and large versions, one for the small version, and transparent electrical cable. Ceiling rose with galvanised metal bracket and glossy chromed batch-dyed ABS cover. Canopy decentralisation kit available. Multiple canopy for small version up to 6 suspension lamps.
Resulting from the desire to create a precious and charming lamp like a pearl bracelet, accommodated with a focus on light weight and transparency thanks to the use of PMMA, Caboche established itself from the onset as one of Foscarini’s best-selling products, and it has become a genuine icon in the world of lighting and design. Rich, bright and sophisticated, Caboche is a mosaic of refractions, a perfect fusion of dierent personalities in the one form, coming together to create the body and light eect of the lamp. When it is turned on, the light diuses from inside the spheres like lots of bright crystals, providing 360° lighting of the surrounding environment and guaranteeing direct lighting on the underlying surface and reection on the ceiling. This lighting emotion is also vouched by Led versions – aording high energy eciency levels and durability completely re-engineered in terms of lighting technology especially to ensure the same intensity, diusion and temperature as the light produced by the original version. Caboche suspension lamp is a jewel of creativity and technology, available in three sizes and two versions: transparent and yellow gold. The lamp is the perfect protagonist for homes or public areas, uniting visual impact with lightness, decorative value and functionality.