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Fabergé Treillage Jewellery

Explore the stunning Fabergé Treillage jewels inspired by the Diamond Trellis egg created in 1892 by Fabergé.

Fabergé Treillage jewels are handcrafted with precision set with the finest quality gemstones and brilliant cut diamonds.

Fabergé Treillage jewellery collection is influenced by the classic revival style of the century with its trellis lines of the quilted motif that echo the splendid furnishings of the great Romanov Palaces. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift or simply want to indulge in this delightful range of Fabergé Treillage jewelery, these jewels will suit all occasions.

Find a range of superbly carved Fabergé Treillage white and rose gold eggs, pendants, rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings available to purchase online or in our shop. These stunning Fabergé Treillage jewels will add a touch of sparkle, elegance and opulence to your jewelry collection.

If you have any questions about Fabergé Treillage Jewels, please contact us at logo whatsapp+39 391.345.6441.

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