N°9 Collection Sparkling Jewels

faberge sterling silver necklaces with pendants
N°9 Collection

The necklace pendants of the N°9 Collection are the true expression of an explosion of brilliance, conceived to add the stunning magic touch to all women wearing their evening attire. In accordance with the Fabergé artistry the miniature egg pendants, crafted in 18ct gold or sterling silver, are sumptuously encrusted with natural zircons.
The design is essential and refined, and is offered in an array of six colours each reflecting women’s most inner feelings and desires, moonlight silver for a refined and timeless thirst for style, chardonnay gold for vitality and optimism in everyday challenges, royal blue for happiness and patience, berry-field red for a strong personality which looks beyond appearances, plum purple for a fantastic and understanding nature which infuses magic into everything she touches and emerald green for great determination and success in life.

The pendants come with exquisite chains which reproduce the same weaving streams of golden and silver bead settings which delicately hem in the sparkling zircons. Each model is available in three different sizes ranging from the minimalistic to the more important. In keeping with the fondness for surprise some of the egg pendants are lockets that conceal a hidden delight for those who receive it as a gift.

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