Emperor Egg Pendants

tatiana faberge golden jewellery egg pendants

Emperor Collection

The Emperor Collection is the perfect union between the classic of the ancient times and the charm of modern influences. The jewelled egg pendants, in perfect compliance with the Fabergé artistic tradition, are marked by stylish elements where the smallest details are taken care of. Tantalizing coloured enamels blend with zircon richly encrusted designs in the hand made 925 silver sterling egg pendants which recall the iconic Easter surprises created during the tsar Empire.

The weaving streams of sparkling zircons playfully intertwine with the sophisticated enamelled surfaces in royal blue and red, in deep purple, charcoal black, pearl white, turquoise blue and in emerald green. The fired enamel technique is a unique feature of the Fabergé Maison and already enjoyed international fame back in 1900 when Peter Carl Fabergé was awarded the Legion of Honour in Paris during the International jewellery Exhibition.

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