Christofle L’Ame coloured flatware NEW

christofle coloured cutlery l ame

No matter the color, ‘L’Âme de Christofle’ will always have a perfect line! Pure, Essential, Vibrant!

Christofle and designer Eugeni Quitllet, present the newest additions to the L’Âme de Christofle collection that embodies elegance, mystique and timelessness. It is designed in a way that emulates the reflection of a mirror.

“Quintessentially modern, “ L’Âme de Christofle ” is a collection that is constantly being born. Offering a comprehensive selection, it is maturing and standing the test of time. It is therefore no accident that it is a timeless collection.” Eugeni Quitllet.

L’Ame Flatware Colours

Almost ten years after the launch of L’Âme de Christofle, the Maison invites us on a colorful new journey featuring new designs. The black shade symbolizes the mysterious soul of one’s personality. The new L’Âme pieces also comes in copper and gold, so everyone can find pieces to match their mood and persona.

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Through its unique design, L’Âme de Christofle is an inspiring collection to engage Christofle lovers to experience the Art of Sharing.

Maintenance Guidelines:

We recommend  you to adhere to the following maintenance guidelines to preserve the beauty of your pieces:
Your stainless steel flatware can be handwashed and it dishwasher safe.

Instructions for cleaning in a dishwasher:

To avoid water stains, open the dishwasher door as soon as the cycle is finished and dry with a soft cloth if necessary.