Christofle Idole Sterling Silver Multi-Ring Layering Necklace


Idole Sterling Silver Multi-Ring Layering Necklace by Christofle. Gift box included.
Chain length: 97 cm.

The Idole Multi-Ring Layering Necklace includes multiple rings of varying sizes on a Sterling Silver chain that looks lovely on its own. Otherwise build your own layered look with a cascading effect and make a statement with your Christofle Maison Jewellery.

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The Christofle Twisted Ring stems from the fruitful collaboration with the praised French designer Andrée Putman. Life is made of imperfections hence the twist of the metal symbolizes new life and infinity. read more...

Using the theme of the ring with its sensual and intentionally asymmetrical design, Idole de Christofle, launched in January 2005, is the first sterling silver jewelry line created by Andrée Putman for Christofle.Elegant, contemporary and timeless, it is a perfect example of how Christofle has evolved.
The Idole collection, ever faithful to its unique style, celebrates the unexpected marriage of precious metal and an organic treasure: silver and cultured pearls. The symbol of femininity and natural beauty, an emblem of delicateness and refinement, fresh water pearls offset the dazzle of silver.
Sensual curves and assertive lines create a precious harmony exalting the gem’s noblesse, the metal’s strength, precision in craft and the originality of the design.