Christofle Cluny 5 piece Sterling Silver Flatware Set

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The Christofle Cluny sterling silver 5-piece place setting contains the essentials for a diner, including:

  • table spoon
  • dinner fork
  • dinner knife
  • salad fork
  • tea spoon

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Christofle Cluny is one of the great classical French cutlery styles created in the 18th century. It appeared in Christofle’s first catalog of 1862 under the name Uni. Its current form, slightly redesigned, is from 1964. Timeless and elegant, it is ideally suited for everyday use. The pattern takes its name from the small town of Cluny, in France’s Burgandy region.

Advice about the care of Christofle cutlery (silverplated and sterling silver)

Christofle Cluny sterling silver flatware is dishwasher safe.
Kindly note that certain detergents can wear at your flatware. If you do not wash your silverware right after use, we suggest you rinse them off with lukewarm water.

The dishwasher is an effective way to maintain your Christofle silverware in clean and perfect condition, as long as you note the following:
  1. Before the first use, wash your silverware by hand with neutral dishwashing liquid without synthetic fragrance. It would be better to avoid the dish soaps containing citrus or lemon.
  2. Use only washing powders formulated without chlorine or citric acid. Proscribe gels and liquids which often contain chlorine as well as “lemon perfumes” containing citric acid. Avoid multifunction tablets.
  3. When filling your dishwasher with regenerating salt, avoid putting silverware in on the first use.
  4. Follow the dishwasher’s instructions for water hardness: lime water that is too hard can be corrosive.
  5. Eggs, lemon, mustard, fish, some fruits and legumes can also cause silverware to turn yellow. Prewashing by hand may be useful.
  6. Ideally, we advise that you partially open the dishwasher door at the end of the cycle, so that the dishes do not remain in an atmosphere saturated with vapor. Wipe the cutlery if they are still damp.
  7. Avoid the presence of crystal glasses which may also tarnish the silver.
  8. Important: Separate silver cutlery from stainless steel: silver does not coexist well with other metals. Run two separate cycles or place them in a distant cutlery basket far from each other.

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