Berkel Volano B114 Meat Slicer Black with Stand


BERKEL Volano B114 flywheel cured meat slicer with stand is the ideal machine for any type of cured meats. It is made of painted aluminium with stainless steel details and is equipped with a 31,5 cm blade.


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Berkel Flywheel B114

The B114 flywheel cured meat slicer is the machine also suitable for intensive use and for any type of cured meats, especially the finest prosciutto.

It is made of painted aluminium with stainless steel details. It has an in-built-in sharpener and a precise slice thickness adjustment unit.

Flywheel B114 has a blade with a 319 mm diameter. It is available in colours red and black. All versions can be fitted with a cast-iron pedestal of a matching colour.

Some details may be different from those shown in the photos.

Manual Flywheel Slicer

• An anti-fraud RFID microchip certifies – thanks to the smartphone’s NFC system – the originality of the slicer and shows additional digital contents• Flower flywheel
• Aluminium structure
• Stainless steel and chrome-plated parts
• Stainless steel slice deflector, receiving tray, sliding overplate
• Feet can be installed in two different configurations
• Meat table rapid advance mechanism and return system
• Built-in sharpener
• Slice thickness adjustment system with decimal advance
• Slice deflector, receiving tray, sliding overplate and sharpener can be
easily removed for cleaning
• 360° blade guard ring

Technical Data

  • Height  700 mm
  • Lenght  825 mm
  • Width 670 mm
  • Weight 55 kg
  • Blade Diameter 319 mm
  • Cut Capacity Circle 215 mm
  • Cut Capacity Rectangular 280 x 215 mm
  • Max Thickness 0 – 1,5 mm

Stand measures:

  • Height 780 mm
  • Lenght 580 mm
  • Width 580 mm
  • Weight 45 kg