Baccarat red crystal Eye Photo Frame


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Baccarat crystal red Eye photo frame with red gift box.
Size 13 x 18 cm

Memorable moments: framed. The Baccarat Crystal Picture frames with the amazing Eye Collection cuts in red shades. The frames are hand-cut and designed by Nicolas Triboulot.

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The Baccarat Crystal masterpieces symbolize the exception, the excellence but also innovation and luxury. Baccarat has always known to evolve with its times to offer novelty and stunning works of art.
The synchronously patterned and multi-faceted cut of the Eye Crystal Photo Frames creates a dynamic visual texture that truly accentuates the Baccarat crystal’s superior ability to capture the magic of light.
The pleasing wavy design of the crystal Eye Picture Frame Collection comes from an extraordinary technique: exterior horizontal cuts and interior vertical cuts combine to produce a magic and dazzling visual effect. The elegant style is finished with a logo-engraved base and a lacquered back.