Baccarat Arabesque large crystal Bowl


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Baccarat crystal Arabesque bowl with gift box.
Size: 17 cm

Originally created in 1830, Baccarat’s highly detailed Arabesque pattern was inspired by Islamic art.
The Baccarat clear crystal Arabesque bowl features a graceful motif with a great variety of detailing accentuating the remarkable artistry of Baccarat’s savoir-faire.

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The charming touch is given by the scalloped edges along the top of the bowl which rise and fall like tiny waves. An intricate garland of geometric swirls embellished with stars and acanthus leaves creates a wreath around the top of the bowl hemming in the clear crystal crosshatching that decorates the lower part. The tantalizing mesh like design with its multiple diamond points delicately embraces the central star at the bottom of the Baccart crystal bowl. The ideal centre piece for any refined event.